The Intentional Entrepreneur

Synopsis: Having a profitable business is not accidental. Businesses succeed through planning and action. Understanding the process is best done by deciding to be profitable, setting Intentions that put the decision into the present, not the future, then writing a plan that fulfills those Intentions. While this approach sounds very different from most planning , it’s the best method for generating effective action.

1. Planning to Profit
a. What is profit to YOU?
b. Why are we working “backward”?
c. Write it out to make it REAL

2. Setting your Intentions
a. What Intentions are
b. Intentions are better than goals
c. Creating the “I AM” Intention
d. Business Intentions that work for you

3. Developing strategies
a. Strategies fulfill Intentions
b. Strategies are better than goals
c. Writing the “I AM”* strategy

4. Gathering Information
a. Less, not more
b. How to find out
c. Who gets credit?

5. Writing a Business Plan
a. Write it for YOU, not the bank
b. The standard business plan is boring
c. The NBBP

6. Putting the NBBP into action
a. It’s not written on a stone tablet
b. If you don’t read it don’t write it
c. Let it ripen before you pick it
d. Using a yardstick

7. What’s Your Profit?

8. Evaluations

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