The Conversation: Marketing Your Business

These days, it’s tough for a small business to be heard amidst all the advertising noise. This means successful marketing is not just advertising. It’s becoming a part of your customer’s conversations. When they talk about what they want or need, it’s great if they talk about you and your product. Whether it’s a chat over a cup of coffee, or “googling” a product or service, you can be a part of “The Conversation” if you know:
– who they are talking to – Your target market
- what they talk about – Your product or service
- when they talk about it – Your marketing calendar
- where they talk about it – Your marketing strategy
- how they talk about it – Your marketing message
– why they are talking about it – Your solution for their problem
At the end of this class, you will know how to be a better conversationalist, how to help your customers better, and help you make more sales.

1. Are you a part of “The Conversation”?
a. The Conversation of modern culture
b. How to join The Conversation
c. Can you start a new Conversation?

2. Who’s doing the talking?
a. The infamous “they”
b. Listening to the Conversation
c. Joining The Conversation

3. What are they talking about?
a. Looking for a product to sell
b. Selling a product you already have

4. When do they talk about it?
a. You can’t be a part of The Conversation if you aren’t there!
b. Creating a marketing calendar

5. Where do they talk about it?
a. Discovering where customers get their information
b. Being seen at that spot CONSISTENTLY
c. The marketing calendar II

6. How do they talk about it?
a. Speak your customer’s language
b. Marketing formats
c. Be “on message”

7. Why are they talking about it?
a. A problem waiting to be solved.
b. A solution in search of a problem

8. Summary and Evaluation

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