Shine a Light On Yoga* workshops

Yoga is accessible to anybody, regardless of age, gender, or fitness level. As you go deeper into your Yoga practice, you’ll encounter phrases, poses, and practices that are part of your class. You may want to know more about them than you can learn in a single class. In these workshops, we will look at some of these practices in more depth, “shining a light on” a subject so you’ll have more knowledge and new experiences. Bring your mats and dress for asana practice, as we will move in every workshop.

Shine a Light on: Sun Salutation – Surya Namaskar, the Sun Salutation, is a series of poses practiced in succession, or in a “flow”, to shine a light on individual parts of our bodies. It’s a part of nearly every yoga class, so learning more about each pose in the flow can benefit anybody’s practice. During this workshop, we will experience each pose individually, learning more about how the pose affects our bodies. We can add that wisdom to our practice and “shine brighter” in the New Year as a result.

Shine A Light On: Letting Go – “It is what it is”. We all say it, but what does it mean to accept things as they are? Are we giving up? Giving up is an act of despair. Accepting what is, is an act of Faith. Faith that if you let go of a particular situation, emotion, or expectation, that you’d have a chance for a different outcome. This workshop gives us a chance to get some understanding of the concept of acceptance, discover some ways to cultivate acceptance, and use that understanding in our yoga practice.

Shine A Light On: Pranayama – One of the “eight limbs of Yoga”, Pranayama is the practice of controlling our breathing to work with our Prana, or Life force. Prana is moved in and through our bodies by our breath. Conscious breathing practice allows us to activate our nervous systems to calm us or to energize us, depending on our need.
We will look at some of the breathing practices, discover what part of the body is affected by the practice, and experience the affects while in class. We will integrate the breathing into our asana practice as well.

Shine A Light On: Namaste – The strange word at the end (and/or sometimes at the beginning, too) of a Yoga class. Do I have to say it? What exactly am I saying? In this workshop, you’ll find out. We will spend some time with the history and meaning of the word, how and why it’s a part of Yoga in the West, and how to make it a part of your practice. With that new knowledge, we’ll get some new experiences on our mats.

Peace, Grace, & Love,

*Yes, the title was inspired by BKS Iyengar. I offer Thanks and Gratitude to that great teacher for his great work.

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