Agripreneurship Seminars

Farming as a Creative Business Enterprise
Taught by Jeff Rieves, certified REAL instructor
Four 3 hour Seminars *Optional Fifth session

These can be offered as stand alone sessions or as series.

Session 1 Agripreneurship: The Agripreneur and the Idea
1. Introduction to Agricultural Entrepreneurship
• What is Agricultural Entrepreneurship?
• The Business Plan- What it is and what it can do for your business
2. The Agripreneur: Am I an Agripreneur?
• Entrepreneurial Characteristics and Agricultural Skills Assessment
• Family Involvement Evaluation
• Personal Finances & Budgeting
3. The Idea: Farm/Food Business Analysis
• Developing Farm/Food Business Ideas
• Site Analysis
• Community Analysis
• Evaluating a Farm/Food Business (Financial Feasibility)

Session 2 Agripreneurship: The Customer & The Story
1. The Customer: Market Analysis
• Researching your market(s)
• Identifying Your “Target Market”
• Analyzing Your Competition
2. The Story: Your Marketing Plan
• Product
o Crop planning
o Value added production
• Price
o Costs of production
o Setting a profitable price
• Place
o Wholesale versus retail
o Farmers markets/CSA/Co-ops
• Promotion
o Marketing versus advertising
o Why should the customer buy from YOU?
• People
o Who will help you sell your products?

Session 3 Agripreneurship: The Business
1. The Business: Farm Business Operations
• Legal Structure
• Bookkeeping & Recordkeeping (ⱡ – required recordkeeping)
• Taxes & Licensing ⱡ
2. The Business: Certifications & Sustainability
• Organic Certification vs. Organic “Practices” ⱡ
• GAPs & Food Safety ⱡ
• Sustainable vs. Conventional Agriculture
• Certified Kitchens & Value-Added Products

Session 4 Agripreneurship: The Cash & The Cost Share
1. The Cash: Financials
• Review of Break-even Analysis/Enterprise Budgets
• Cash Flow Projections and Assumptions
• Managing with financial information
• Grants as a cash flow tool
2. The Cost Share: Incorporating USDA/NCDA Farm Programs
• Cost-share programs
• USDA Programs – EQIP, CRP, etc.

Session 5 Agripreneurship: The Plan (Optional session)
1. The Plan- The Business Plan and what it can do for your business
• Business Plan Outlines
2. Developing a Farm Business Plan YOU Can Use
• Keeping Your Farm Business Plan Current
• Business plans as management tools
• “Growing” your business with your plan
3. Using Your Business Plan to Obtain Financing
• Traditional lenders requirements
• Using your plan with friends and family
• Crowdsource financing with your plan

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