I have 30 years of experience teaching everything from Organic Gardening to Farm Business Finances. My classes are held at venues in North Carolina and Virginia.

Here’s a sample of some of the classes I offer:

The Agripreneurship series

  • REAL (Rural Entrepreneurship through Action Learning) Entrepreneurial Training and small business planning
  • Organic Vegetable Production – Training for first time and transitional organic farmers


The Successful Gardener 2015/2016 series:
• From the Windowsill to the Garden: Starting Plants from Seed
• A Cut Above: Pruning Fruit trees for Better Health & Production
• When Can I Plant Tomatoes? Garden planning for the complete beginner
• The Family Food Garden: More Fresh Food from the Home Landscape
• Good Neighbors: Companion Planting for a Healthier Garden
• “Something’s Eating My Plants” – A Baker’s Dozen of the Most Common NC Pests
• Go Forth and Multiply: Plant Propagation
• Good Soil: A Gardener’s Guide to Soil Testing
• Leaves make Great Tomatoes: Home Composting
• An Apple a Day: Fruit plants for a Healthy Family

Look for my seminars at Small Business Centers located at NC Community Colleges across the state. If you don’t see one of my seminars offered, ask your local SBC to host me.

In 2016, I’ll be sharing 30+ years of farming and gardening experience at:

Renfrow Hardware, Matthews, NC

Reynolds Homestead, Critz, VA

As I build this page, see the “My Current Classes” page for the schedule. I’m working on 2016 right now. If you’d like to take one of my classes, contact me or the venue where I’m teaching. If you’d like me to teach at your location, let’s talk!


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