Threefold Yoga

Wholeness, the union of mind, body, and soul and the RE-union of our individuality with the Divine. This then, is the full expression of Threefold Yoga, my program of classes and workshops that “cultivate” the growth of our whole selves.

The stretching and strengthening of Yoga asana practice complements the physicality of gardening. I’m a healthier person because of my Yoga practice and because of the good, fresh food I grow in the garden. Both practices feed my soul.

Yoga is often translated from the Sanskrit as “union” or to join together. To join what? Simply put, to join the individual self to the Divine Self. You can call that Divinity whatever you want – God, Yahweh, Allah, Brahma, Buddha, Spirit, energy, or any number of names. In order to do that, one must unite the body, mind, and Soul. With modern society based on individuality instead of unity, that can be a tall order. But it can be done.

We are All One. As Neil DeGrasse Tyson puts it, “We are all connected. To each other biologically, to the Earth chemically, and to the Universe atomically.” I would add, “To the Divine, transcendentally”. In other words, we are much more alike than we are different.

We create our world through our thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions. I call this bundle of thoughtforms our Personal Mythology. Since myths are NOT lies, but the stories we tell ourselves and each other, your Personal Mythology explains how you see, and so experience, the world. For some reason we have forgotten this, and so we think Life “happens” to us, and we can only react to it. We have the ability to shape our Lives by consciously creating our responses to what we experience.

We can consciously create every moment of our Lives through the practices we perform. We shape those creative processes through our Intentions, the “I AM” statements that we use to manifest our Lives in the physical world. Our Intentions should call forth “the greatest parts of ourselves”, as one of my Yoga teachers told us. Each of us has has great things to share with the world. The Three that I concentrate on are Unconditional Love, Creative Energy, and Real Abundance.

Yoga has been a journey for learning more about myself – how my body, mind, and soul work together be the entity that is me. Since we are All One, how do we write the Personal Mythology that will allow us to Unconditionally Love ALL of Creation? Then the question becomes for us, how are our actions shaped by these thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions? What practices help us become these beings of Love? And that’s where Yoga has helped me consciously create My Life.

When I use the word “Yoga”, I am not simply referring to the physical movements, or asanas. Asana is only one part of Yoga. Yoga is moral code, physical guide, mental training, energy movement, and Spiritual instruction. It is a philosophy for living a full life. The study of Yoga has led to my understanding more about how I create My Life. As a teacher, it’s only logical that I teach what has worked for me in my own conscious creation.

I took my Yoga teacher training at Wild Lotus Yoga in New Orleans, LA, with Sean Johnson and Mitch Bleier. At WLY, I was steeped in the tradition of Bhakti Yoga – a mixture of “postures, breathwork, meditation, mantra, music, readings, poems, stories, philosophy, and more”. I use all those things in my own practice, and can mix and match any and all of those things into all of my classes and workshops. I also bring my own touch of Jnana Yoga, the Yoga of intellectual study and reason to my classes. For a description of some of my workshops, go to one of my Teaching pages.

My philosophy of teaching is based on Joseph Campbell’s statement, “If you really want to help people in this world, what you have to teach is how to LIVE in it”. The tenets of Yoga can help us create the world we want to live in by helping us be full expressions of human beings, beings who create who we are and manifest that being out into the world, thereby creating the world.

Peace, Grace, & Love,

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