Successful Gardener

Enjoy your garden, because THAT’S what makes you a Successful Gardener!

That’s what The Successful Gardener is all about; getting you the information you need to enjoy spending time in your garden, Whether it’s your backyard patio or a 1/2 acre vegetable garden, I can help you get more pleasure and satisfaction from the time you spend there.

In a one hour consultation, I can solve problems, identify plants, generate new ideas, and give you more information than you could find on a website or at a garden center. I bring 30+ years of experience as a farmer, landscaper, and NC Extension agent to your home, along with a creative eye for design. If you’d like to know more about my knowledge and experience, click here.

Consultations are $100.00 for one hour of my time and for access to my 30 years of professional horticultural experience. Additional hours are billed on a sliding scale.

I get that a customized, personal visit isn’t in everybody’s budget. That’s why I offer alternatives.

I teach monthly classes in Matthews, NC at Renfrow Hardware. These classes are based on specific subjects, but the Q&A offers the opportunity to get your questions answered. I also teach at Reynolds Homestead near Stuart, VA. I’ve taught what I now call “Frugal Gardener” classes, partnering with social service agencies and non-profits to help folks have access to fresh food. I’m working on that in Charlotte, and hopefully, I can do that again soon. If you know of a place I could offer any of my classes, I’d love to teach more about Successful Gardening.

In fact, to make home visits more affordable, I offer what I call “home classes”. You get 5-10 or more of your friends together at your home, you charge them a per person charge ($10-$20), they pay the consult fee. We use your landscape as the basis of the class. You get a consult, your friends get to ask questions about their landscape. Lawn care, pruning, and pest management are just a few of the classes I offer to neighborhoods and communities.

In the spring, I’m at Renfrow Hardware, answering questions and helping folks find solutions to their garden questions.  I’m usually there on Saturday, 9AM-2PM.

There are other ways to get your home landscape questions answered on a more personalized basis. Call me or email me. I post regularly to Facebook and to my website, You’ll see my other classes on farm business, small business, and other gigs, too.

The bottom line is that I want you to enjoy your garden, because that’s what really makes you a Successful Gardener. I’d love to help you do that, and I offer lots of ways to help.

If you’re interested in a consultation or a neighborhood class, give me a call.



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