Cash Crop

Cash Crop is my name for planning for profit on your farm. I farmed and operated a plant nursery in NC for 15 years, and was an NC Cooperative Extension agent for 8 years. For more info on my accumulated experiences and knowledge, see my resumé. In that time, I learned a LOT about farm production and farm business management. I can help you with organic certification, transition to organic practices, and marketing your farm and food products.

I teach Cash Crop and Agripreneurship seminars at community colleges in the Southeast. For my current class schedule, check in here.

In these times of great opportunity for small farm owners, strategic planning is essential for success. I can help you write a business plan, construct enterprise and cash flow budgets, and do market research. Individual consultations and group trainings are options for getting the information you need to succeed!

For more information on how to cultivate profit on your farm, food business, or ANY kind of small business venture, contact me here.

Thanks for the opportunity to help you grow your business!!!


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