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It turns out after all these years, that I am a teacher.  In my wildest dreams, I’d never have imagined that as a career. I suppose, that as with so many things in my life, I started on that journey because I need to understand things.  The why of things is pretty important to me.  And of course, I need to understand why that is so.

The odd thing is, this whole teacher gig started as a result of my teaching myself how to sell things. I’d had lots of jobs as a kid and young adult, but my first serious effort in a career came when I left politics for horticulture. There’s a lot of selling in a gardening business (It is a business, after all), and I didn’t have a lot of the skills I needed to be successful. So I taught myself. I watched people that were successful, talked to them about why they did stuff, and adopted or adapted their methods for myself. There are tons of books and seminars and such on selling, but that didn’t appeal to me. I wanted the why, and the best way to get that was to ask. Then I applied what I learned. If it worked, great, if not, I worked on it a little more.

I had to teach myself how to deal with people, too. Most folks that know me would be surprised to learn that I’m a shy person. That’s because I chose a career that’s very people oriented; horticulture is as much about people as it is about plants. If I was going to be a professional, I needed to be able to talk to people. And again, I watched the people that were good at that, and did those things. Over time, I created a new life for myself. You can do that, too.

That’s what I teach these days. How to live a life that you create. Not just a business, but a complete life that you can Live & Love & THRIVE in. That’s what I’m doing, too. Why don’t we do it together?

If you want to look at all that other stuff, feel free to look at my resume.

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