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Creating Emotionally

We create our lives by the choices we make. We use our Personal Mythology – the stories we tell ourselves about how we conceive, believe, and perceive our world – to make those choices. Those stories contain emotions, expectations, and relationships. In fact, those things write the stories.
Our beliefs are not always based on what we call “facts”. They can be based on pre-conceived notions that color those beliefs. Yesterday I mentioned a judgmental trait I carried for quite a while. In thinking further about this, I realized that lots of our stories are loaded with emotion and judgement and expectations and lots of other stuff. Sure, I “knew” all that, but I didn’t really “know” it, either. Often, looking at something with a different perspective opens up the understanding of that something. In this case, it brought about a deeper understanding of the effects of those things that help us write our stories.
An example of this is Maslow’s quote, “If you only have a hammer, you see every problem as a nail”. You expect a situation or a person to be a certain way, and your every perception of that person or situation is colored by that expectation. You just KNOW that certain people are a certain way. You expect __________ to be a ________, and so everything _______ says is irritating.
Pre-conceived notions like this make for some very emotional creating. They also make for some very judgmental attitudes that hurt everybody, too.
Being aware of the emotions, relationships, and expectations we write our stories with is a key to better creation. Letting go of judgements helps us write better stories to create with. Intentions based in Love as “I AM” statements will help you see these things much more clearly. If you have Intentions of “I AM Kind”, “I AM Compassionate”, or “I AM Empathetic”, then as you Live your Life with these Intentions, you’ll have opportunities to let go of judgements. Some of your long standing beliefs may be challenged. And you’ll be writing stories for your Personal Mythology that reflect those Intentions. Ask me how I know that.
I’m not saying you should be emotionless in your creating. Joy is a beautiful emotion to create with. Patience is a much needed way to write a story. Even anger can have constructive, positive results. If those emotions are based in Love or its manifestations, then you are creating more Love. If the emotions are based in fear, then you’ll create more fear. I’m reminded of this quote I used recently from novelist Nevada Barr, “If all the things of this world were gone suddenly, & only my emotions, beliefs, & thoughtforms were left, what would I be made of? Joy, Peace, Contentment? Or anger, hate, & fear? ”
The things we create come from our “emotions, beliefs, & thoughtforms”. The things we create become the Life we Live. Be aware of what you believe. Pay attention to how you feel. Create with Love. Live in a world of Love.
REMEMBER – I AM creating My Life through how I conceive, believe, & perceive my world.
And So It Is!
~ Inspired by an emotion.

Peace, Grace, & Love,

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The Unwritten Story

Your Personal Mythology – the stories made up of the collection of thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions you use to create your world – consists of conscious and unconscious tales of the saga of YOU. Dealing with the conscious stories is relatively easy. You know the story because you “wrote” it by hearing it, believing it, and so, you’re accepting it.
But there’s another level that has a tremendous amount of control over what we do in our Lives. These I call the “unwritten” stories, the things we believe that we aren’t even aware that we believe. These stories come from a lot of different places, but a lot of them are cultural fables. There are a lot of myths and tales from family, too. Before we go any further, let me say that You have a right to believe whatever you want. It’s in HOW you choose it that I think is important.
The most obvious of these unwritten stories is, of course, what I call the “sound and fury” of modern life. This is all of the bombastic, fear-driven narrative of media and politics that we are pummeled with from so many sources. Listen to this stuff at your own risk. Personally, I consider most of this stuff toxic to me. I find that if I listen to this mess for too long, I am affected by its pernicious nature. I have no desire to hide from the world. In fact, I believe that we are always engaged with All of Creation. That’s how we create. But the constant stream of negativity from modern society would have us create something quite different from a world of Peace and Prosperity that at some level is what we are all trying to create for ourselves.
Our Family Mythology is also largely “unwritten” in the sense that we unconsciously accept these tales as “the way things are”. We define ourselves by our family, whether we know that or not. “Well, he’s (pick a family name)’s boy.” For most of us, that simple sentence speaks volumes. It occurs to me that this kind of judgement is part of MY family’s mythology. If a person is related to somebody with a particular trait, then obviously, that person has that trait as well. That’s as wrong as can be, and denies people as individuals. This is hitting a lot closer to home than I intended, but it’s a clear example of what I’m talking about. An unconscious, “unwritten” story that has been a part of My Personal Mythology.
So what do I do about it? Write the story, of course! Do it consciously, using My Intentions. Since I wrote myself into this corner, I’ll continue with the example of my family myth of judging entire families by the actions of a few. It’s pretty simple. I change the story, allowing everybody to be an individual, not judging based on stereotypes.
There’s another type of unwritten story that has been quite a challenge for me. In fact, it’s what generated this post. It’s all of the negative things I believe about myself. I lump all of these things into a character I call my inner critic. Some call it resistance. As a side note, as soon as I began to write about this, it became harder to write about it.
Bringing those beliefs out into the open, into your conscious awareness, is the only way I know of to deal with them. Look at the tale you are telling yourself. How is it written? Did you write it, or was it something you simply and, most likely, unconsciously accepted? Here’s the challenging part. Write that story. Does it align with your Intentions? If it doesn’t, then should it be a part of your Personal Mythology? That’s up to you, but I’d say no, and begin a re-write, composing a tale that builds a positive narrative for me.
If you’re like me, and much more set in your ways than you care to talk about, you may have to write the story more than once, and in more than one story. I’ve had to deal with “I’m not good enough” so many times and in so many ways that- well, I’d like to say that it’s funny, but I’m not there yet. But regardless of how often I’ve had to deal with this painful issue, I have dealt with it, and dealt with it successfully. I’m fully aware of the irony that I seem good enough in dealing with “I’m not good enough”.
The point I want to leave you with is this. Conscious creation of our lives is much easier using a Personal Mythology that we consciously created, not one full of unwritten tales of uncertain origin. Write YOUR story. Make it Epic. Then go Live it.
REMEMBER – I AM the author of my story, the captain of my fate.
And So It Is!
~ Inspired by an unwritten story I told myself this morning.

Peace, Grace, & Love

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Love and Happiness

Happiness comes from a heart that’s broken open. Depression comes from a broken heart.
– Jeff Rieves
I believe the heart can think. At the very least, my heart affects my thinking. Holding on to feelings of hurt, fear, and anger turn my thoughts to a mush of depression. My thoughts get muddled and my heart shuts down.
When I open up to Love, my heart is transformed. Opening up to feeling Love & Compassion for others (& myself) brings on thoughts of Joy & Happiness. These thoughts in turn lead to more feelings of Love & Compassion.
Be open to feeling Happy. Do this with your heart wide open, ready to experience the world just as it is, but with YOU changed. Where you once judged, now you simply observe. Where you were once impatient, now you can allow things to unfold. Where you once tried to control everything, now you can be comfortable with Uncertainty.
So how do you get more Happiness in your Life? By doing the things that make you Happy! That’s seems so simple, but Dan Gilbert and other scientists have shown that doing pleasant things makes you a Happier person. Spending time with Loved ones, singing and dancing, spending time out doors – any and all of these things WILL make you happier. and doing them regularly will make Happiness a bigger part of your Life.
Have an Intention, “I AM Happy!”. Create a Happiness Practice of doing the things that make you Happy on a regular basis. Be Grateful for all of the Happiness in your Life.
This ain’t rocket science, folks. It’s simply doing what we Love to do anyway in a purposeful manner. So like the ad says – Just do it!!!
Remember – I AM Happy. I do the things that make me Happy every day.
AND So It Is!
– Inspired by events in MY LIFE.

Peace, Grace, & Love,

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Be Your Best

“If all the things of this world were gone suddenly, & only my emotions, beliefs, & thoughtforms were left, what would I be made of? Joy, Peace, Contentment? Or anger, hate, & fear? ”
– Nevada Barr
Our emotions put energy out into the world. You see it at sporting events, bars, and in any crowd. We do it as individuals, too. When we feel out of sorts, inevitably we have experiences that seem to make it worse. The grumpier we are, the more @$$#%[€$ we meet. When we are feeling great, it takes a lot to bring us down. This energy that we put out into the world is mixed with the energy of everybody else, and that’s how the energy of communities, cultures, and nations are formed. The energy can be positive, negative, desperate, joyous, or any mixture of any emotion.
Our emotions, beliefs and thought forms are the energy we put out into the world to create the world we inhabit. Our beliefs shape our reactions to experiences. If we think that the world is going to hell in a hand-basket, that’s what we’ll look for, and that’s what we’ll see. If we see the world as a beautiful place that offers us the chance to become Who We Really Are, then we will see exciting opportunities all around us.
Our thought forms – all of those thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions that we use to create our lives – comprise the stories we tell ourselves that define how we experience the world. I call that your Personal Mythology. Myths are not lies. They are metaphor, analogy, poetry, story – all written in your mind as the saga of YOU. The story we write into the world can be an unconscious mash-up of random experiences or they can be an epic collection of adventures. It’s a choice we are given the moment we are conceived.
Call together the best parts of yourself. Acknowledge that you are this collection of energy that is more than average. Take the time to seek out those things in yourself that bring out the best in you. If you have no idea what they are, think about the things that you admire in other people. Odds are, you have that quality in yourself in some way.
For instance, if you admire athletes, there’s a quality in you that mirrors the dedication and discipline of the athlete. It doesn’t have to be manifested in the exact same way. You may never score the winning points, but you might have the discipline and drive to make it as an entrepreneur.
Another way to find these best parts of yourself is to use lists like Ben Franklin’s. Franklin cultivated the qualities of people he admired. Use that list and create some “I AM” Intentions around them. Don’t worry about becoming someone else. If the qualities aren’t really you, you won’t be able to maintain interest in the list.
Cultivate those best parts. Be clear about how those best parts manifest in you. Let Joy and Happiness be a part of your Life. Calmness comes from Peace of mind. Live with dedication and discipline. Do this consciously. CHOOSE to be that Joyful person. When stress comes into your Life, practice breathing deeply so as to become that calm and peaceful person. Be ready for that big presentation or that huge sale by gaining knowledge and experience.
If you just can’t make yourself be that best self, then at least be willing. In your willingness to be Who You Really Are, your confidence in your abilities to do just that will increase. As you gain more confidence, you are able to accept that maybe you ARE OK. And once you accept the fact that you are a decent person, then you are able see the Good in yourself. Then you can see more of those Good parts that were there all along.
Bring together the best parts of yourself. Put that energy out into the world. Change the world. Change your Life.
REMEMBER – I AM bringing My Best out into the world. In doing so, I change the world.
And So It Is!

Inspired by events in the world.

Peace, Grace, and Love,

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Living Generously and Graciously

I always try to be for something, not simply against things. So I’ll begin with this from The Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 5, verse 48:
“In a word, what I’m saying is, grow up. You’re kingdom subjects. Now live like it. Live out your God-created identity. Live generously and graciously toward others, the way God lives toward you.”#
There’s a lot of sound and fury being generated by the fear of the “other”- the “other” person, the “other” religion, and a lot more “other”. It’s a fear generated by a misunderstanding of Who We Really Are as human beings. We have this mistaken notion that we have all these different races and religions and cultures and countries. We created all of that separateness out of fear. But we have one race that matters, the human race.* And we really have only one religion that matters – Love.
I am not a religious scholar. My Personal Mythology, the stories that I use to create My Life, is steeped in the Christian tradition, with a generous helping of Eastern religions that have helped me better understand what Jesus is talking about in the Gospels. But what I see is that every tradition is based in Love in some way, even if it is simply the devotion to a particular deity. Too often, that Love gets defined by hating anyone that isn’t a part of your religion. But Love is the common thread for everyone. It’s only as fear of the unknown comes up that we begin to reserve our Love for the known. “You’re one of us.” Then, of course, comes the differentiation. “She’s like me. He’s not one of us.” As a result, our religions have become politicized by fear, instead of our politics becoming more loving, more giving, more sacred. The reasons and blame for this confusion don’t matter. Frankly, the only debate we should be having is about how we help the entire world, not whether we should help anyone except ourselves. To be more specific, how do I help the entire world? That’s a big challenge. So how do I start?
Live Generously and Graciously toward others, whether others Live that way toward you or not. Let your enemies bring out the best in you, not the worst. Live from Who You Really Are – a Loving, Compassionate soul, Living a Creative, Abundant Life.
Could that be dangerous? Could you or your Loved ones be harmed? Could people take advantage of you? Yes, to all of those things. But Creating and Living in a community of people that Live Generously and Graciously toward each other makes it less likely that those things will happen. Plus, to constantly Live in fear and anger is to lose your soul. That’s much more dangerous than any physical harm.
Love. Compassion. Creativity. Abundance. Those are the things that I’ve been offered in My Life. I can do no less for those that have been offered less.
REMEMBER – I AM Living Generously and Graciously toward All of Creation. This brings out the best in me regardless of my circumstances. The best in me brings out the best in the world.
And So It Is!
~ Inspired by events in My Life.

Peace, Grace, & Love,

#This is from The Message Bible.

*Let’s leave the debate about non-humans for another day. It’s a discussion worth having, and it’s pertinent to this one, but it would take us in another direction. Let’s get our $#!+ together on Loving the human race, and I expect a lot of the related issues will be resolved. Thank you.

The context of the Bible verse:

The Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 5:
38-46 “Here’s another old saying that deserves a second look: ‘Eye for eye, tooth for tooth.’ Is that going to get us anywhere? Here’s what I propose: ‘Don’t hit back at all.’ If someone strikes you, stand there and take it. If someone drags you into court and sues for the shirt off your back, giftwrap your best coat and make a present of it. And if someone takes unfair advantage of you, use the occasion to practice the servant life. No more tit-for-tat stuff. Live generously.”

43-47 “You’re familiar with the old written law, ‘Love your friend,’ and its unwritten companion, ‘Hate your enemy.’ I’m challenging that. I’m telling you to love your enemies. Let them bring out the best in you, not the worst. When someone gives you a hard time, respond with the energies of prayer, for then you are working out of your true selves, your God-created selves. This is what God does. He gives his best—the sun to warm and the rain to nourish—to everyone, regardless: the good and bad, the nice and nasty. If all you do is love the lovable, do you expect a bonus? Anybody can do that. If you simply say hello to those who greet you, do you expect a medal? Any run-of-the-mill sinner does that.”

48 “In a word, what I’m saying is, Grow up. You’re kingdom subjects. Now live like it. Live out your God-created identity. Live generously and graciously toward others, the way God lives toward you.”

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Practice Is

Practice is “anything done repeatedly and with a clear Intention”. This can apply to anything from piano practice to Yoga practice to Gratitude practice. There’s more to practice than simple repetition. There’s more to practice than Intention. It’s the combination of the two that makes practice so valuable.
Practice is for the days you don’t want to do practice. Practice is for the days you would rather do anything but practice. Practice is the Faith that carries you through the initial struggle into Intentional effort.
Practice is for the days you can’t practice. Practice is for the days when your schedule is so crazy that you have to cram 25 hours into 24. Practice is the Confidence that what you did on some other day (or days) is enough to carry you through the daily struggle into a Grateful Peace of mind.
Practice is for the days you can practice. Practice is for the days you Love everything about your Life. The days when Life flows as it is intended to. Practice is the Abundant thinking that moves you from unconscious struggle into consciously creating your Life.
Practice is for the days you must DO.
REMEMBER – I AM creating My Life through My Practice.
And So It Is!
~ Inspired by events in My Life.

Peace, Grace, & Love,

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Being Love Is Not Easy

I’ve been taking a crash course on Unconditional Love this week. My Mother had surgery on Monday, and has been in the hospital since then. There was an issue with her care, and I have to admit, Loving All of Creation was NOT the first thing on my Mind.*
As I have said before, it’s all well and good to say, “I AM Loving All of Creation”, and quite another to actually do the Love thing. When the issue of Ma’s care came up, I had to take a deep breath and remember that nothing that had happened was personal. In this day and age of tight budgets, nobody seems to staff at adequate levels anymore.
A real Blessing in dealing with a challenging issue is to remember your Intentions. Does getting angry manifest Intentions of “ I AM Peaceful” or “I AM Patient” or “I AM Kind”? I think not. So taking a minute to think on each of these Intentions helps you to actually be any or all of these aspects of personality. You can better manifest Peace in dealing with people, bring Patience to any situation you are contributing to, and exhibit Kindness toward everyone I encounter.
Always remember that you are contributing to the situation you are challenged by. Your own expectations are extremely important in the creation of any situation you encounter. Expecting perfection in an uncertain environment is a recipe for creating stress in yourself. Creating from a stressful place isn’t conducive to manifesting Peace out into the world. Remember that the starting point for creating your world is the energy that YOU put out into the world. That’s the energy that comes back to you after mixing and mingling with the energy of the other people in the situation. Being in a situation like a hospital, where so much pain and stress already exists, is not a good place to be angry.
This doesn’t mean you must be passive to Love anyone. Love is one of the most active states of being I have ever experienced. Speaking your truth from a place of Love brings a very different passion to a situation than speaking from anger generated by fear. That Love should include everybody in the situation. Remember that Love in this sense doesn’t have to include Like. But it does mean treating others the way you would want to be treated. This can get complicated, and as Anne LaMott said once, “gives an unfair advantage to nice people”. All the more reason to work on that “ I AM Kind” Intention, I suppose.
Remember that we are creating our Lives every day. It’s our choice to do that consciously or unconsciously. Creating “I AM” Intentions and then USING those Intentions helps us to create a Life worth Living.
REMEMBER – I AM Loving ALL of Creation. My Intentions are the tools I use to manifest Love out to all of the world.
And So It Is!
~ Inspired by events in My Life

Peace, Grace, & Love, sometimes imperfectly,

*In the spirit of full disclosure, I have to say, I’m not a fan of hospitals. They don’t make sense to me as places of healing. Apologies to my friends that work at hospitals.

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Do The Work

Joseph Campbell said in “The Power of Myth”, that we are called to “participate joyfully in the sorrows of the world”. Life brings us tragedy and disappointment. We get assaulted by the sound and fury of modern life. It’s tough to avoid the miasma, the fog-like atmosphere of negativity, fear, hate, and frustration that current culture creates. It’s there, no use in denying it.
We can choose to be a part of all that or not. We can choose to dive in and wallow in the fear and angst of modern life. On the other hand, we can choose a different journey. We can choose to create our Lives the way we want them to be. We can choose to look for the Good in Life, even as we experience the tragedy of an event. We may have to work hard at this. But working hard is different from struggling. Struggling connotes an adversarial effort with a person or experience. Work describes adding value and meaning to Life through what you choose to do.*
It’s pretty obvious from the meanings I gave the two words that I believe working through the challenges in Life is to be preferred over struggle. Having struggled for most of My Life, even as I had much more advantageous circumstances than most people, I have no interest in further struggle. So I choose not to. Is it that easy? Yes, but it ain’t necessarily simple.
Personal Mythologies and Intentions are the tools we use in making conscious choices in our Lives. But it’s in how we use these things, how we work with these tools, that the real participation is achieved. It’s all well and good to say “I AM Joyful”. But if you are thinking this with clenched teeth, are you living your Intention? Are you, in fact, Joyful? No, Probably not. But the Intention itself is working on you. Realizing that your teeth are clenched hard enough for you to notice is a big first step. It happened because your Intention is becoming a part of you and so you notice when you aren’t Joyful. You take action based on the Intention. You relax your jaw and unclench your teeth. You take a deep breath and repeat your Intention, “ I AM Joyful”. It helps to think about something, anything, that makes you Happy. Oddly enough, that works. You’ll begin to feel Happy again. You can also go and do something that makes you Happy. If you’re like me, you’ll need to repeat this many times. Many days, even. Every time you do this work, you take your Intention into your heart and your head a little more.
What if you have to do something that sucks the Joy right out of Life? Dealing with tragedy can do that. While there may be no Joy in a certain situation, being a Loving and Caring person doesn’t mean you have to be morose and gloomy. This is where “I AM” Intentions work their magick. Remember that Joy is what you are, regardless of experience. Being Joyful in this sense grows from Unconditional Love. It’s more a state of being, a Loving radiance that you can share with the world. The satisfaction of just being alive in this body on this planet in this time. It’s “the rapture of being alive” as Campbell put it. To get to this state of mind, you have to Love All of Creation, you have to Love Life Itself. Love Life with all of its imperfections, its…sorrows.
REMEMBER – I AM WILLING to Love My Life. To Love ALL of Life.
And So It Is!
~ Inspired by something unrelated to what I ending up writing about. It’s a long story.

Peace, Grace, & Love,

*Note: Your work and your job are NOT the same thing.

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Let It Go

The whole concept of letting go or surrender or acceptance infuriated me for quite a while, even as I continually used the phrase, “It is what it is”. It smacked of defeat, of resignation, of a passive acceptance of whatever crumb society would toss your way. But that’s not really what it is at all. It’s detachment.
Detachment is Faith, a Confidence that “everything will be OK in the end, and if it’s not OK, it’s not the end” (John Lennon). Detachment is letting go of worrying about everything. Don’t use all of your energy worrying that something  you did in the past might mess things up. You can’t change that. Worrying about what might go wrong is an even bigger waste of time. Put that energy into positive action, creating what you want.
You’ll need the energy because detachment isn’t passive. It’s an active engagement with Life, while being fully confident that the engagement is done with no thought of compensation. It’s doing the things that make you come alive, simply because they DO make you come to Life.
Detachment comes from a Wealth consciousness. You have Faith and Confidence in yourself and know that the energy of Life on Earth is an Abundant force, always seeking to manifest itself in whatever way it can. You Live with a psychology of Plenty in a state of constant Thanksgiving.
The real nature of letting go is Loving All of Creation, participating Compassionately in Life, not worrying about success or failure or any of that stuff, and being Grateful for all that you have.
REMEMBER – I AM fully engaged in My Life. I AM detached from all of the worry of the modern world.
And So It Is!!!
~ Inspired by Chopra, Dyer, and Holmes

Peace, Grace, & Love,

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Intentions In The World 2

Intentions are the “I AM” statements that we can use to create our Lives. They are very effective at focusing your attention, and directing your energy toward Who You Really Are. You can also create Intentions for your career, too. Whether you choose to be self-employed or work for somebody else, Intentions help you with that choice.
Let me say here that your work and your job are two different things. Your work is the thing you have passion for, that activity that you just have to pursue. “Follow your Bliss”, as Joseph Campbell said. A job may be a part of your work, or it may just be a way to generate income. Creating a career Intentionally can allow you to do your work in whatever way fits your Intentions best.
Because you’re shaping a career to fit your Life, it seems only appropriate to create work that manifests your Personal Intentions. By doing that, Who You Are is manifested in your Personal Mythology and in your Actions in the world. For example, if one of your Intentions is “I AM Joyful”, you want to be Happy in your Life. So will you consciously decide to do things that make you unhappy in your career? No. Obviously, you’ll have things you enjoy doing more than others. You should also keep in mind that you may still be (and probably ARE) re-writing your Personal Mythology. You’re getting rid of old stories that don’t fit your Intentions and authoring the new tales that help you be Who You Really Are, instead of who others want you to be. Because of this, there will, in all likelihood, be times that you aren’t Happy. If one of your Intentions is to be Happy, then you can choose to only do things that bring you some level of Happiness.
Let’s say that one of your Personal Intentions is “I AM Abundant”. How does that manifest in your career? I know what you’re thinking, “Does that mean I’m Rich?” It might. But if what you want most is time with family, that might be your Abundance. You supply the definition of each of your Intentions. In that regard, it’s really important to be as clear as possible about how you define your Intentions. For our example, Abundance is having a flexible schedule, being able to travel, generating the income to pay bills. If you’re self-employed, you want to turn a profit. When we have an opportunity in front of us, we can evaluate it in terms of our Intentions. If the opportunity doesn’t manifest our Intention into the world, should we pursue it? My answer would be “No”. What if the opportunity does create Abundance for us, but doesn’t manifest one of our other Intentions? Maybe other Intentions are “ I AM Kind” or I AM Good”. If you have to push customers into buying things they really don’t need with money better spent elsewhere in order for you to be Abundant, I’d stay far away from that opportunity. But each of us can answer in our own way.
Creating a career in this way supports your Life. Picking a job or starting a business just for the money can mean your Life supports your job or your business. It’s your choice.
REMEMBER – I AM Creating a career that supports My Life.
I AM Creating a business that supports My Life.
And So It Is!
~ Inspired by events in My Life.

Peace Grace, & Love,

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